The Futa Fairy - Futa MILF's Harem Wish Chapter 2: Mrs. Fatima's Taboo Fun

"And your cum, Mother, it tastes amazing mixed with Basima's yummy juices."

"I bet," I groaned, my dick throbbing, aching to taste my own cum flooding out of one of the twins' cunts.

Sa'dia kept spasming, frigging her pussy as she watched us fuck. I grinned at my eldest daughter, loving her round tits heaving. She moaned and gasped, reveling in the incestuous passion filling the bedroom.

Pleasure rippled through me as I plowed Naila's tight depths. Silky delight rippled through me. My pussy juices dripped down my thighs as I plowed her. My head swayed, the rapture surging through me. Every thrust was pure rapture.

I loved it.

I didn't want it to stop. My eyes rolled back into my head. I panted and grunted, thrusting with every ounce of strength I had. My body shuddered. My pussy tightened, aching to be filled with anything right now.

"Mother!" gasped a new voice from the doorway. "Oh, Mother, there's something perverted going on in here!"

The lights flooded on, bright, stabbing into my eyes. I blinked, still fucking Naila's pussy, and saw Ayesha standing in the doorway in her white nightgown. Ranya's nineteen-year-old daughter clapped hands over her mouth. Her black hair, gathered in a loose tail, fell down over her large breasts. They were so big and pillowy. Shock covered her dusky face, her jaw dropping.

"Mother?" She stared at me fucking the twins as they sixty-nined.

"Shh, don't worry, Ayesha," Sa'dia moaned. She ripped her fingers out of her pussy and gained her feet with grace. She advanced on her half-sister, snagging Ayesha's hand with fingers dripping with cunt cream. "Mother is just loving us with her futa-cock."

"Futa...cock?" Ayesha said, her jaw dropped. She didn't resist Sa'dia pulling her into the room. And then she ripped her hand from her older half-sister's grasp. "No, this is sinful. Mother!"

My sister, Ranya, appeared in the doorway. She staggered at the sight of me fucking my daughter Naila. My sister clutched at her breasts, her slender body trembling. She had a youthful face despite being a year younger than me, looking closer to twenty-five than forty. Her fingers twisted at the material of her nightgown, pulling it across her naked tits beneath.

Her nipples hardened.

"Dear sister, what are you doing?" Ranya asked.

"Fucking Naila's pussy," I groaned.

"With her futa-dick, Mother!" moaned Naila, her pussy clenching hard. "And I'm eating her girl-cum out of Basima's pussy."

"It's debauchery," Ayesha snapped, fire burning in the nineteen-year-old girl's eyes. "Father will disown you, Mother! He'll divorce you and cast you out for this sin!"

"I don't care because this feels amazing." I shuddered. "Oh, your sister's pussy is so tight on my cock. I'm going to cum in her so hard."

"Cum in me, Mother," Naila moaned.

"Relax, sweet sister," Sa'dia said, grabbing Ayesha's hand again. "Just enjoy the fun of our new household. Mother is in charge now. Her cock is amazing. You'll love it."

"I won't!" Ayesha insisted, struggling in Sa'dia's grip. The older, green-eyed girl hugged her younger half-sister, naked breasts pressing against linen nightgown. "Let go of me!"

Sa'dia kissed Ayesha hard, their pink lips meeting in an incestuous kiss. I groaned, watching Sa'dia kiss her half-sister. Then my eyes flicked to Ranya. My sister gaped, trembling in the doorway, her dusky cheeks flushing dark.

Her eyes caught mine. I grinned at my sister, licking my lips as I fucked Naila. The eighteen-year-old girl squirmed and writhed on my dick. Her barely legal pussy massaged my shaft, bringing me closer and closer to erupting into her depths.

My hips pumped so fast. So hard. My eyes rolled back into my head. The pleasure surged out of me. I groaned, my pussy clenching so hard. I dug my fingers into her hips. The euphoria rippled out of me.

I came in Naila's pussy.

"Yes, yes, yes!" Naila moaned. "Mother's cumming in me!"

"Merciful Allah," Ranya groaned. Then she glanced at our daughters kissing.

Ayesha had abandoned the fight with her older half-sister. The pair were locked in a kiss, Sa'dia's hands massaging Ayesha's ass through her nightgown. They pair were pressed tight together, tongues caressing.

My cum spurted the final time into Naila's pussy. The eighteen-year-old spasmed, her pussy milking out every drop as she moaned into her twin sister's snatch. I grinned at my sister as she swayed, loving the confusion, the lust, burgeoning in her.

I slid my cock out of my daughter's once virgin pussy. My sister gasped, seeing my girth unveiled for the first time. I was so much bigger than our husband's dick, when he could even get it up any more. Juices dripped off my shaft.

"How, sister?" Ranya gasped. "How do you have that...that...?"

"Beautiful cock, Mother?" Naila asked, trembling on top of her sister. Basima already licked my jizz pouring out of Naila's deflowered cunt.

"Yes!" Ranya stumbled into the room, passing our daughters locked in their lesbian incest. "You cannot have that. We grew up together. We shared a bedroom as children. You are a girl. I have seen you lie with our husband. You do not have a dick."

I grinned at my sister. "I made a wish, and the futa-fairy answered it."

"An evil jinn?"

"Nothing evil about this," I grinned. "Look at how close our daughters are now."

"They are committing incest. Lesbian incest!"

"And it is beautiful," I groaned. "Look at my cock, sister. I know you want to suck it."

"Sa'dia," Ayesha groaned, drawing Ranya's attention.

My sister groaned at the sight of my daughter kneeling before her daughter, Ayesha's nightgown around her waist. Sa'dia buried her face into her younger half-sister's dark bush, tonguing another virgin pussy for me to deflower.

"So good," Ayesha whimpered, grinding her pussy on her older sister's pussy.

"You want to join us," I grinned. "You want to worship my dick. To finally have your pussy satiated with a proper cock, not that pathetic thing our husband has."

My sister closed her eyes. She took a deep breath, steeling herself. Her entire body shook. Her face contorted with anger, with disgust. Tears burned in her eyes. Her hands clutched at the waist of her nightgown.

"Allah forgive me!"

She ripped it up and over her body, unveiling her naked flesh beneath. She threw it down, her round breast heaving, topped by puffy, brown nipples. A thick bush grew between her legs. In the artificial light glowing from above, I could see drops of her excitement glistening in her silk.

Then she rushed to me, falling to her knees by the twins as they sixty-nined, feasting on each other's pussies. My sister grabbed my cock. She stroked it, feeling Naila's juices slicking the shaft. Then she licked at the crown, moaning as she tasted the fresh cream.

Pleasure rippled up my shaft as my sister lapped up the incestuous juices, her dark eyes staring up at me with such lust, glossy. Her naked ass wiggled. I knew she had such a hot cunt. Beyond her, Ayesha ripped off the rest of her nightgown, unveiling her huge tits. They jiggled as she ground her snatch on Sa'dia's hungry mouth.

The roomed filled with the hot scents of my harem's pussies. I breathed it in.

"Mmm, sister, lick your niece's juices off my dick," I groaned. "Savor the flavor. Ooh, yes, suck on it. Clean it. And then I'll fuck your cunt. I'll make you my wife!"

Ranya bobbed her mouth up and down my dick, her lips sealed shut. She sucked my girl-cock with more gusto than either of us ever had our husband's. My pussy clenched at the delight, my hips wiggling and groaning.

Then I heard giggling behind me. A moment later, two sets of hands grabbed my waist and ass. Two sets of lips kissed at my butt. The twins were behind me having their fun. Their fingers found my pussy, shoving into my depths.

"Yes," I gasped. "My women, my sexy harem! We shall love each other. We shall be so close. I'll be the new head. I am all your futa-wife. You are all my women!"

"Your whores, Mother?" Sa'dia asked, lifting her face from her half-sister's pussy.

"Yes!" I moaned. The two girls dug their nimble fingers into my pussy, fucking my snatch at the same rhythm. "I love all my naughty whores!"

My sister sucked so hard on my dick, swirling her tongue around the tip. She cleaned off all of Naila's cream. My pussy clenched on the twins' fingers, my hips writhing. Their hot lips kissed across my ass as they giggled. Pleasure raced to the tip of my dick buried in my sister hot mouth.

"Mother has such a hot pussy," one of the twins giggled.

"She does, Basima," the other agreed.

They stirred my pussy to a froth with their naughty fingers. Then one of them pressed her face between my butt-cheeks and licked at my asshole. My cunt clenched on their fingers as the tongue swirled about my sphincter. I groaned, grabbing my sister's hair as she bobbed her mouth on my dick.

Pressure built and built. My sister's sucking mouth brought me closer and closer to flooding her. I groaned, staring at Ayesha's pillowy tits being kneaded in her hands. They jiggled as she shuddered, her head thrown back.

"Sa'dia!" she moaned, experiencing her first orgasm at the hands of her older sister. "Yes, yes, yes!"

The tongue licking my asshole wiggled into my bowels. The twins' fingers plunged faster into my cunt. The pressure built at the tip of my cock, swelling. My cum so eager to erupt into my sister's hungry mouth.

"Let me taste Mother's ass, Basima," Naila moaned.

The twins swapped positions, Naila tasting my dirty asshole. She moaned, latching her lips around my puckered opening and sucked. Strange pleasure shot through my body right for the tip of my dick lodged in my sister's mouth.

My futa-cum erupted.

"Yes!" I moaned. "Drink it all, sweet sister! Drink all my futa-cum!"

"Drink it, Mother," gasped Ayesha.

Ranya gulped down my jizz, reveling in the taste. My incestuous girl-cum filled her mouth. Her eyes squeezed shut as she tasted it. Her cheeks bulged before she swallowed my next load, spunk leaking out the corners of her mouth.

My pussy spasmed about the twins' fingers. Spots rippled across my eyes. I swayed, Naila sucking so wonderfully hard at my asshole. My body heaved. I loved the pleasure. It was so hot having a harem of sexy women.

"Now I'm going to fuck you!" I hissed.

"Fuck her, Mother," moaned Basima.

Ranya stretched out on the floor, opening her arms to me. "Fuck me, sweet sister. I need a real cock. I've missed orgasms so much."

I sank between my sister's thighs. Her hands grabbed my dick, guiding it with greedy hunger towards her pussy. I shuddered, feeling the slide of her hot flesh rubbing up and down the tip of my cock, the heat of her incestuous passion for me.

I thrust into my younger sister's pussy.

I savored the thrill of cuckolding our husband. Our breasts pressed together, my hard nubs rubbing on her puffy nipples. I stared into her eyes, seeing the lust quicken in them as she shuddered beneath me. Her pussy clenched down on my futa-cock. A smile crossed her lips.

"Amazing! You have a wonderful dick!"

"Better than our husband's?"

"Yes, sweet sister!" She clenched her pussy on my dick, her arms hugging me. "Fuck me!"

Our lips met in a hot, hungry kiss. My sister's thighs wrapped about my waist. I drew back through her hot pussy and thrust in again. I buried into her depths, groaning as her flesh engulfed me in an incestuous embrace.

We moaned into our kiss, her fingernails scratching at my back as she humped into my thrusts. Our flesh slapped together. Our tongues dueled. Our daughters made love to each other, licking pussies, fingering snatches, savoring their sisters' bodies.

I loved it. The futa-fairy gave us this.

I made love to my sister like I were her husband. No, I was her futa-wife. Something better. Her hot pussy clung to my dick, her body welcoming my cock. She submitted to my lusts and rejoiced in the pleasure I gave her.

"Fatima!" she gasped, breaking our kiss. "Oh, Allah, this is so wonderful. I love you so much. Thank you!"

"I love you, too. Just like I love our daughters." I drove harder into her, our bodies pressed so tight together. "And I'm going to make us all so happy."

"Yes!" she hissed, fingers digging into my back. "Away from him!"

My hips fucked my sister with a frantic rhythm. I drove my girl-cock into her taboo cunt. Her silky walls massaged my dick. I savored the glide, loving every moment of it. It was so amazing to share this with her.

Our tits rubbed together, nipples caressing. Every bit of her was so silky and smooth beneath me. I savored every place we pressed together, everywhere we touched. It built the pleasure in me. It swelled in me as we moved together.

"Cum in me, sweet sister," she gasped. "Spill in me."

"And breed you?" I asked. "Plant a babe in your belly?"

"Yes!" gasped Ranya. "Breed me! I want to bear your daughter!"

Her pussy went wild about my dick. I groaned, savoring my sister's cumming snatch. My eyes rolled back into my head as I plowed her hungry depths. She clung to me, wanting my cum to pump into her, to fill her with my sisterly jizz.

To fertilize her egg with my futa-seed.

My hips pumped so hard, driven to fuck my futa-cock over and over into her spasming depths. I couldn't stop. I needed to unleash my cum into her. I had to spill every drop of my jizz. I had to breed my sister.

"Ranya!" I moaned.

"Do it!" she gasped, fingernails clawing at my back, painting lines of burning passion. "Cum in me! Breed your sister!"

I kissed her hard as I rammed my cock into her cunt.

The friction of her spasming pussy sent ripples of delight shooting down my cock to my cunt. My snatch clenched. Juices gushed out as my orgasm detonated. I thrust my tongue into her mouth. My jizz boiled into her pussy.

I bred my sister.

The pleasure rushed through me. I heaved and thrashed atop her. Our tongues dueled as she held me so tight. She clutched me to her breasts. Our heaving tits rubbed together. Fireworks detonated across my vision.

I didn't want this to end. I wanted it to continue. I wanted my cum to keep pumping into her spasming cunt. Her incestuous depths milked my cock. She needed to be bred by me. My wish burned hot through the room, everyone gasping and moaning.

"Breed our mother!" Naila moaned.

"Yes, yes, breed us all, Mother!" Sa'dia gasped.

"Flood our mother's cunt with your jizz, Mother!" Ayesha moaned.

"Then we can lick her clean!" added Basima.

"Licking cum out of pussy is the best," Naila grinned.

I broke the kiss with my sister. "Which is why I get this treat. I'm going to feast on your mother's pussy."

"Enjoy her," Ayesha moaned before she buried her face into Sa'dia's pussy, devouring her half-sister's snatch.

"Yes, yes, enjoy her, Mother," Basima moaned, her legs scissored with Naila's. The twins humped their identical pussies together, grinding them. That looked so hot.

"Look at them," Ranya moaned, trembling beneath me, my dick still hard in her cum-filled pussy. "They are so beautiful as they writhe together."

"Yes, they are," I grinned, licking my lips. "Now I need to feast on my little sister's pussy."

"When we were younger, before we married Tarik, I sometimes imagined kissing you," Ranya said. "While we slept in the same bed, your body so close to mine. But I was scared. Our sisters and cousins surrounded us."

"Now we can kiss each other as much as we won't," I grinned, kissing my sister hard on the lips.

Her pussy clenched on my dick, reminding me of what I wanted to do. I slid down her body, my cock popping out of her tight depths. I licked and nuzzled at her stomach. The scent of my sister's tangy juices and my salty girl-cum filled my nose. I reached her pubic hair, kissing her silk.

And then I moved between her thighs. I nuzzled into her pubic hair. Her silky curls tickled my face. I licked through her folds. She let out a shuddering moan, humping against me as I drank the incestuous mix of hot cum and tangy pussy.

"Oh, yes, sweet sister," she moaned as I ran my tongue through her thick pussy lips. "Ooh, this is so naughty."

"It is," I panted, staring up her body, her round tits shuddering. She ran a hand across her face and into her hair as she arched her back.

I licked again, her silky pubic hairs caressing my lips. My tongue gathered her cream and my jizz. I swirled the mix around in my mouth before swallowing, bending down to enjoy another mouthful. Her thighs tightened, her tits heaving.

"We are so being late for college," Ayesha moaned in the background.

"What time is it?" Sa'dia asked. "Oh, wow, I didn't realize it was so late."

I didn't care what they were talking about. I was just glad to lick and nuzzle and eat my sister's pussy. I thrust my tongue into her depths of her snatch. I swirled around, looking for more and more of my yummy girl-jizz, her pussy lips rubbing on my mouth.

"Don't worry, girls," moaned Ranya. "You don't have to go to class."

"What about father?" gasped Sa'dia. "He'll be mad if we don't go."

I grimaced. "Don't talk about him right now. We are having fun."

"But he'll be home soon," Ayesha said, lifting her face from Sa'dia's pussy. Cream dripped from her lips.

I shivered. "Then I better pop your cherry before he—"

The world changed. Energy rippled through the room, flooding in from outside. I gasped, my dick quivering between my thighs. I bolted upright, staring down at it as my futa-cock shrank. It grew smaller and smaller, retreating into my folds.

"Oh, no!" I gasped, clutching at my chest, my heart squeezing tight in fear. "The futa-fairy... She gave me it. This can't be happening."

"What is, Mother?" Basima asked, lifting her face from her twin sister's pussy.

"It can't shrink!" gasped Ayesha. She lunged across the room, scrambling on her hands and knees, her heavy tits swaying beneath her. She grasped my shrinking cock, tugging on it. "I need to lose my virginity. I want to be fucked, too, Mother."

I stared into my niece's eyes as my dick slipped out of her hand, turning into a little clit and nestling into my pussy's folds. My heart quickened. This could not be happening. I shook my head, glancing at a clock.

Tarik would be home in a few minutes and I lost my girl-dick.

I wanted to cry. It wasn't fair. Dr. Rita had her cock for longer. She must have. She was so sure in its use. Like she had molested other patients before me. I trembled, staring at my sister and our daughters, the disappointment in their eyes.

"I don't know what is happening," I told them. "But we're still together. We still love each other. And we'll be free. You'll see." I would call Dr. Rita and find out more about how this worked. It couldn't have been just for a few hours. "But we need to get cleaned up. Your father mustn't know what we're doing until we're ready to be free."

The girls nodded. They understood. Tarik disciplined with belts and fists. And he'd be home in fifteen minutes.

To be continued...

The Futa Fairy - Futa MILF's Harem Wish Chapter 2: Mrs. Fatima's Taboo Fun